Company Profile

Energy efficiency and ecofriendly are two aspects implemented to most products these days. Presenting GWM Marketing Sdn Bhd, the importer and distributor of evaporative air cooler, food machinery and machinery hardware products. Established in 2010, the company has since grown in terms of product ranges to serve various markets including construction segment and industry. At GWM Marketing, we stand by our value and beliefs which is to produce high quality product, and be able to serve our customers based on our product knowledge and marketing experience with the highest integrity and honesty.

Cooling system

Evaporative air cooler is a popular device available in current market.  This simple creation utilizes almost 80% less energy than the former cooling systems. This evaporative air cooler has the ability to retain its high cooling efficiency even during dry and hot climates. It is also an ideal device for people with asthmatic problems or allergy as it can maintain the moist air. Easy installing and maintenance while providing cool and comfortable air ventilation environment.  GMW Marketing Sdn Bhd takes pride of being the one of the pioneers to present portable evaporative air cooler in Malaysia. Our two main respective brands for the evaporative air coolers are TAKAFuji and G Air. Currently we are also implementing our own design of air cooler for the nation.  Our cooling systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments which include home, offices, restaurants, hotels and so on.

Food machinery and packaging

We are also specialized in a wide range of food machinery equipment such as garlic skin remover, coconut processing, hot dog roller, capsule filler, mini noodles machines and lots more.  The food machinery is installed with the modern and latest technology that is energy conserving and ecofriendly. We supply our food machinery to a number of industries and retailers. As for our food packaging, we distribute a widespread of food packaging comprising of cup sealing film, packaging machinery, home use portable packaging, portable bag closer and auto cup sealer.  GMW Marketing Sdn Bhd delivers great quality of food packaging at economical prices.

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Cleaning equipment

Aware of the fact that every respective floor surface necessitates different cleaning approaches, GMW Marketing Sdn Bhd constantly sources various types of innovative and user friendly cleaning equipment in order to suit the industrial, commercial or even individual needs. Our products involve floor polisher, vacuum cleaner, carpet extractor and many more.  Apart from this, we also distribute several car wash supplies and cleaning chemicals.

Industrial equipment

In this new era, GMW Marketing Sdn Bhd portraits itself not only as an industrial hardware supplies company but also as an industrial solution provider.  Nevertheless, we still continue to supply raw industrial equipment such as table saw machine, portable air, plunger pump, high pressure fitting, laser leveling, valve, water pump, industrial fan and air compressor.

GMW Marketing Sdn Bhd progresses as a collection of multiple ranges of hardware machinery products distributor and will continue to serve our valuable customers with trustworthiness, great service and solutions. For more info, you are welcome to contact us directly.


  • Feel Cool & Healthy 
  • Energy Saving (Only 150 Watt)
  • Environmental Friendly (Products fit to anywhere)
  • LCD Display
  • Remote Control
  • Plastic Casing
  • Single Structure
  • Air Swing Function
  • 90 liter Water Tank 
  • Auto Water Filling **Option
  • Dustproof Filter 
  • Low Maintainance

003A GW6000-3 GAIR Evaporative Air Cooler

  • More Cool 
  • More Quiet
  • Big Capacity
  • 7L Water Tank 
  • Air Swing Function
  • Auto Water Filling System
  • Low Maintenance

003B GW8000 & 18

  • More Cool
  • More Quiet
  • Big Capacity7L Water Tank
  • Air Swing Function
  • Auto Water Filling System
  • Low Maintenance

004 G Air JF35 & 60 GAIR Evaporative Air Cooler

Features & Construction
  • Aesthetic and innovative design
  • Non-corrosive plastic Injection molded casing
  • Sloping water basin for self draining
  • Integral dropper for rigidity
Operation Control
  • 24 Hr operation control
  • Programmed on-off function
  • Auto wash during on-off and at programmed intervals
  • Auto water make up and drain
  • Water level control and indication 
  • Centralized control over four units

005 wall rack for JF60 Air Cooler


GAIR Evaporative Air Cooler 006 GW7000S

  • More Cool More Quiet
  • Big Capacity
  • 7L Water Tank
  • Air Swing Function
  • Auto Water Filling System
  • Low Maintenance